Demo Lock in Arenas?

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So im currently in the middle of switching from Aff to Demo in Arenas. I would appreciate any info on rotation and playstyle. Unfortunately Ive played AFF since BC and never tried a different spec so I feel totally lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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I'm not a pro by any means, but I played Demo earlier in the tier with about a 75% win rate in 3s and 85% win rate in 2s. Your filler is Fel Flame due to its inability to be interrupted. If you can create some space, you can squeeze off a few Soulfires. Demonology PvP is all about building your DF then coordinating stuns, CCs, and burst to nuke someone down ASAP. Basically I would put Corruption on every possible target to build DF and spam Fel Flame on my primary target. I would keep one of the Feared and when I got to about 650 DF, I popped Imp Swarm. Around 900 DF, I would Fear my non-target and pop Dark Soul, PvP power trinket, and anything else I had and go into Meta form. I would then start with a Touch of Chaos to modify Corruption before using two Chaos Waves back to back. Use Carrion Swarm to pushback/interrupt casts and spam Touch of Chaos. Usually with good timing, this was enough to wreck someone. If the other team is stupid enough to be clumped up for your Chaos Waves, enjoy the damage numbers.

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