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If you want a better way to participate in Hearthstone Tournaments, MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!  Too Stronk eSports has just launched a kickstarter campaign ( to complete development of a new application that brings tournament play out of the dark ages.  We can't do this without you so check out the Kickstarter and spread the word.


Features of this application include:

• Automates tournament mechanics (adding friends, challenging, reporting wins / losses)

• Enforces tournament rules for hero / deck selection

• Provides cool new emotes available during tournament play

• Grants and tracks achievements for tournament wins

• Displays tournament status via an in-game overlay

• Awards levels for progress over a tournament career

• Automatically captures videos of each game for sharing / viewing later


You can also check out a more detailed FAQ on our web site (  


Let's hear from you - what do you want to see in the app?


Thank you for your support,


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I signed up and pledged $10. It was all I could afford, but Hearthstone is my favorite game. It actually helps me think. I also shared it on my Facebook page.

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