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Heh guys,

Super happy I have found this forum but with all this information available on this forum and the Internet it's left me a little confused,

As I am new to DK and now a full time raider in a guild and with raiding hitting off in the next week there is just two questions I need answered which I can't seem to find,

Which spec is pumping out the MOST damage in raids,

And in the last talent tier which talent is dealing the most damage on average,

Thanks in advance ,

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Depends on your gear and the fight. Unholy is best once you get into the Heroic BiS/Mythic gear range, but before that DW Frost will be your go-to. As for talents, I play Necrotic Plague for Frost on nearly every fight, though I believe Defile can be stronger depending on a number of factors. I just prefer the convenience of NP. Once you spec Unholy, it'll be BoS for cleave/single-target and NP for AoE. This information is accurate to the best of my knowledge but I'm pretty new to the DK scene myself, so take it with a grain of salt.

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