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New Monk healer weapon?

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For leveling it for when at max level? While leveling it doesn't really matter, but I'd use the crit heirloom staff. When at max level use whatever gives you the highest ilvl and also has decent stats on it.

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Power-wise both are fine and neither has a significant power advantage over the other. Assuming you're level 100: 


- On a baleful or crafted weapon you want one with Crit/Multistrike. In the case of crafted you can reroll it to "of the Savage", in the case of a baleful armament, anything with multistrike on it will do. 


HFC in Order of Best (Not including Mythic Weapons): 

- HC Archimonde Gavel of The Eredar (1H)

- HC Xhul'horac Staff (2H)

- HC Socrethar Saber of Twisted Virtue (1H) - has mastery but the spellpower makes it better than the high council one marginally

- HC Hellfire High Council (1H) 

For 1H the Gorefiend OH Gibbering Madness is the best. 


Ideally, you want to have the Haste/MS Gavel of the Eredar with the Crit/Multistrike Offhand from Gorefiend. Other than the above, you really just want to have the item with the highest ilevel for gearing up, as the spellpower will always be the most important. 

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Hello, Sorry to hijack your post, but does this make a difference if you're fist weaving? + does dps of the weapon make much of a difference.  For instance I have a heroic Staff (Voidcore Greatstaff)  and the mythic sword (Mindbender's Flameblade)  So normally i would use the sword (given that i have an offhand to use with it) 
but If i am to spend most of the fight fistweaving the staff has more dps on it then the sword does. would this make the staff better to use?


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