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Fury warrior for "Old Guy" Newbie!

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Is there anywhere I can get a list of what my bar should look like?.

Before everyone jumps on the noob, I am newish and old so following all the Computer game jargon has just about convinced me to give it all away.

No I am not stupid just want my Fury Warrior to play straightforward.

I want a list that reads straightout of the spellbook not a list of nicknames or shortned crap.

Am I asking a lot?

I have posted on 2 other forums but am sick and tired of the veiled insults and comments about waste of space and time!

I am PvE in Khazgoroth.

I like grinding out quests and dungeons.

I have learned so much from this site already hoping to get a fair hearing on the forum too!

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This is a tricky question, mainly because your bars should look like what makes it easier for you to play. I don't think I've ever seen 2 fury warriors (or 2 players, as that maters) with the exact same interface.

There are still a few guidelines you could use to give you a general idea of what your bars should look like, but ultimately, you're the only one who can decide what you're comfortable playing with.

The way I set my bars up (which might or might not work for you) is that I keep all my main rotational spells (Bloodthirst, Colossus Smash, Raging Blow, Wild Strike and Heroic Strike) on the easiest part to accsess on my bars, because as a Fury Warrior, you use those spells more times than you can count. I also keep Pummel, my interrupt, close to them for it to be easy to accsess should I need to interrupt anything.

Next to them, I keep my occasional spells and my area of effect damage spells and such (Whirlwind, Cleave, my Tier 5 talent, Victory rush, Battle/Commanding Shout, and the likes). I then keep 2 last spots for my offensive cooldowns (Recklessness, Skull Banner, Bloodbath, Deadly Calm) and my defensive ones (Vigilance, Die by the Sword, Rallying Cry).

Of course, this is what works for me. I might not work for everyone, as I said. As a rule of thumb, keep the spells you use the most on an easy to reach spot, but only you can decide what your bars will look like with what you're comfortable playing.

Hope that this helps at least a little,


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I keybind my interrupts, Pummel in your case, to F. For me, it stands for, "Fuck your spell."

I mean, overall you should try to activate all of your hotbars within the interface so that you can bring each of your warrior skills onto them. Just go over them and get comfortable with what they do. Once you figure out which ones you use more; bind them to accessible keys. I really, really like using shift+mouse wheel up/down for my shout type skills. Control and Alt can be used in the same fashion. I often use those for my DPS and tanking cooldowns. Between those buttons (including pressing the mouse wheel) you've increased your keybinds by 9. If you already know this and it's insulting, my bad, but it's better to cover all the basics with a newer player. =)

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