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hia im an affliction warlock, but not much of a number cruncher. too dumb for spreadsheets and such, im a simple player, bad keyboard turner and clicker. been playing warlocks that way since vanilla release. i know i should be using macros and such but i just cant get the hang of playing that way besides tab and 1-4.

Currenly im at ilvl 728 but unsure of what to go for next, there are no raiding guilds at all on my server so i do everything trough group finder,  therefore i have never tried to set foot in mythic since i just dont think i would be good enough for that.

Im wondering most of all what trinkets i should be using for general use, good for most fights.

besides those in the armory i have the heirloom and a 721 chipped soul prism. im thinking to use current and swap insignia for heirloom @ demon bosses.


main question: what should i be using my bonus rolls on without going mythic? which specific items would you go after in my situation? sitting on a few more bonus rolls and not much of a goal to enter hfc for right now.


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For Aff I'd use Desecrated Shadowmoon Insignia and Fragment of the Dark Star on every fight, maybe swap Fragment for Orb of Voidsight on demon bosses if you're trying to rank on warcraftlogs.

DSI is a trinket you use on all bosses for all specs. My reasoning for Fragment/Voidsight is that I find Fragment more consistent, but Voidsight has higher potential if you get lucky and have a high uptime on the proc.

Edit: As far as non-trinkets go, just try to coin warforged/socketed versions of your current gear, as you're more or less Heroic BiS.

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