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Crit Brewmaster CM

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Gonna start trying for gold CM with my brewmaster soon. I have a couple questions. 

-I have a full crit build with timewalking gear. Should I stick to pure crit/crit+bonusarmor or you think I should wear some haste? I'm going to experiment but I want you guys' opinion.
-What trinkets should i get? 

Also if you have any kind of tips and tricks, they would be appreciated.

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I have roughly 400 CMs done this expac, as well as many sales for gold and realm bests.


As a BM you want to go pure crit unless your healer has a hard time keeping you up. This shouldn't be the case with stuns/self heals. If they are struggling just throw in some crit/mastery gear.


As far as trinkets are concerned, you should be taking Mirror of the Blademaster and Coin. If coin is to expensive or your healer is struggling, Eidolon from Imp is your next best.


As far as tricks are concerned, run with a solid group, use your statue wisely, time your guards and run chi torp with victory roll talent and celerity. Chi torp when mobs are low for resets and insane healing output with a guard up.


Any more questions let me know!

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