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wow Blue Tweets: General Legion Updates #5

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The mighty blues have been twittering away, giving us some more information on some of the changes coming to classes and gameplay in Legion.


The majority of the tweets are going to be coming from the @WarcraftDevs Twitter page, mainly focusing on class changes, updates on how PvP systems will work and artifact weapons in Legion.


The first tweet concerns the impact that removing CC might have on PvP in Legion, as well as why it was done. They have verified that they are not implying Cheap Shot is now in the PvE rotation, but in PvP, it is worth it to use it over other damaging spells at times.




For the Outlaw Rogues, it looks like the developers might be considering introducing different styles for the pistol shot animation, such as using an axe or knife. It will depend on whether or not this will interfere with the Outlaw story they are trying to establish.



Our next tweet concerns the ability_hunter_beasttraining.jpgFeed Pet spell for Hunters; it seems players are questioning why such an ability remains in the game, since it provides no actual benefit anymore. The developers make a good point in saying that it doesn't actually cause confusion, but still adds some "flavor" to the class. 



It looks like the opposite might be happening for the Mages, however, since the developers have decided that "curse removal" was never really part of the iconic Mage image. It didn't fit into the lore of the class well enough, so they think the spell_nature_removecurse.jpgRemove Curse spell has no place in a Mage's spellbook.



For the Elemental Shamans, it looks like some questions concerning the Enhancement artifact have been cleared up, mainly concerning the source of the off-hand weapon, as well as the eligibility for transmogrification.




Our last tweets of the day concerns the transmogrification of other artifacts in the game, whether to or from the image of the artifact.





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