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701 ilvl arcane mage stat balancing help

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Hi Johnnyc,


Since you just wrote your arsenal link, I assume that you topic includes yoour question. :D


I think your problem is that you`ve read the Icy Veins Guide and just took the part where it said: Look for mastery and haste on all your items. 


This might be right, but not the only solution to being a good Mage. Your stat balancing is not the Topic you should be working on atm.


You have even got to much Mastery :D


1. First of all you need to get yourself a T18-4 Piece Set to take advantage of the Set. In this case, it doesnt even matter if it is normal or hc, or even if there aren´t your mastery and haste stats on it. 


2. Than you gotta look for the trinkets, because they play a big role on your dmg. The Classtrinket from Archimonde and the Prophecy of Fear from Mannoroth would be your best descion. Again, no matter if normal or heroic, no matter if there arent haste and mastery on them.


3. Almost always: Itemlvl > Mastery or Haste. As long as you keep your Mastery high enough. Saying you have an iLvl 695 Belt with Mastery and Haste on you, but a ILvl 720 Belt with Crit/MS in your stash, you will want to take the second one, because Int>Mast>Haste. BUT ---> ASK Mr Robot ;)


4. Whilst Mastery is your best AoE Stat, Haste becomes a slightly better stat by the time you have a 4-Set T18. At this Point we can start of speeking of balancing issues. If there are any haste caps, they would be 1800-1900 and 2100-2300. But I really advice you to check SimCraft to check what is best for you. The ,,Breakpoints" mentioned above may not be the best for you.


5. As soon as you have a nice Mastery and Haste Balancing, a  T18-4 Set Bonus, the BIS Trinkets, you can start to worry about multistrike. This will be at aprox. ILvl 730. But again: Simcraft will always tell you which decission is best. 



Take a look at the good Mage in wowprogress.com


Or have a sneak peak at my humble Mage :)



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I forgot to mention on or two rather important things.


1. Get the legendary Ring!


2. The three best things to be crafted are Amulet, Wrists and a Ring. As long as you don´t get the Edict of Argus on nhc or any other hc staff, you should stick to your current one.


3. Read the Guide, again and again. A nice DMG Burst would be to use the Cristall together with Supernova. As long as you have one Supernova on Stack on recharge, this will be a dmg win for you atm.


The Arcane Power Glyph will be useless as soon as you get Tome of the shifting Words

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