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heroes HotS: Chu's Stunlock Meta Concerns

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The streamer Chu8 is probably taking a break from Heroes of the Storm. His current frustration marked with the game's current stunlock meta and match one-sidedness made a reddit user compile a thread about him taking a break. The thread has been popular in the last couple of hours, receiving a lot of replies about the game's current design.


Main Concerns

  • Every Hero brings the same thing to the table. There are no opportunities to build your Hero for different gameplay.
  • Picking meta Heroes means an automatic win and you can play off-meta Heroes as good as you can, but you're going to keep losing most of the time, which makes the game anything but enjoyable.
  • Hero League is currently unenjoyable to play due to auto-win team compositions.

The thread even received the following blue response from CM Trikslyr:


Blizzard Icon Trikslyr

There are a couple of heroes getting small balance updates in the next couple of weeks that could help with some of the heavier stuns in the meta. While these updates won't come out with Greymane, they'll be going live shortly after.
The amount of stuns available in Heroes of the Storm is a subject the balance team has been discussing lately. Obviously crowd control can be very powerful, but the amount of stuns in a game can vary depending on the heroes selected per a match. This is a subject we'll be keeping an eye on and we're not opposed to making adjustments if they are needed. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts.



Chu himself has created a new thread after having read the one created about his hiatus, enlightening us about his concern.


List of Sources

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