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     One of the best parts about tcgs is the potential for fun tricks with rarely used cards.  There are plenty of best deck threads and general requests, but I propose a different sort of contest.  Each week a rarely used or unused card is put up as the center piece for a fun maybe even competetive deck.  The winner would then propose the next weeks card and pick the winner for that week, and so on and so on.


   To start with I propose building decks around the card Summoning Stone.  http://hearthstone.wikia.com/wiki/Summoning_Stone


It most likely doesn't see play due to being too slow but if it goes off it has incredible potential to snowball out of your opponents control.


     So what can you make to make this work?

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The idea is definitely interesting. However, it will run out of cards/ideas, so let's hope Blizzard releases another Card Set soon :P Also, can I submit more decks?


My decklist would be:

Class cards (total of 12 cards):

2x Arcane Intellect

1x Duplicate

2x Frost Nova

2x Ice Block

2x Echo of Medivh (yay!)

1x Polymorph

1x Blizzard

1x Flamestrike

Neutral cards (another 18 cards, total of 30):

2x Doomsayer

2x Explosive sheep (I can hear the Paladins cry already)

2x Mad Scientist

1x Sunfury Protector

2x Healbot

2x Belcher

1x Thaurissan

1x Dr. Balanced

1x Alexstrasza

2x Molten Giant

And of course, 2x Summoning Stone

The decks would cost 6760 dust and 4200 gold (4 Naxx, 1 BrM, 1 LoE).

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