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Holy priest SP vs MS

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Need help to decide.

Gavel of the Eredar 720ilvl with Thumping Demonheart Fetish 715ilvl


Stam- 249+311=560

Haste- 148+85=233

MS- 78

Mastery- 191

SP- 2214




Voidcore Greatstaff 715

Int- 369

Stam- 553

Haste- 172

MS- 319

SP- 2111


By stat priority, staff should be better +241MS(+5% from passive=12.05) but 1H+off give me extra 4int +103SP +61Haste +191Mastery(stat priority changed from 3rd to 4th position)


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Intellect as primary stat implies that Spell Power > everything else. There are a few exceptions to this, and they are stated where applicable (for example, Shadow Priest stat priority puts Crit above Spell Power, but Int above Crit.)

If that means anything, with my current gear, Askmrrobot gives me a gear score of 16,457 with the staff and 16,611 with the mace + oh.

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