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Time restriction are causing problems with getting to end game

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Dear Blizzard.

Since the start of Mists of Pandaria, I find my time is taken in may different ways in game.

I am finding it difficult to play both pvp and pve. Getting to the end game in pve is almost impossible unless you play 30 hrs a week. My pvp game has suffered and I find it hard to get things done to progress.

Does Blizzard want people to become obsessed and ill over to much game play time?

A healthy game might be an hour or two a day. But in my experience this is impossible to achieve with current restrictions and raiding guilds.

Please rethink this issue as raid finder is lame and a leveling and gearing part of the game.

Disapointed gamer


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Dear Zemna,

Icy-Veins does not deliver messages to Blizzard, nor is it a website that is in any way, shape, or form connected to Blizzard. It is only a medium to talk about the game that Blizzard designs and maintains. That said, I'll address your issues in an objective manner.

Getting to end game PvE does not, by any means, require 30 hours a week. My guild raids for 3.5 hours 3 times a week for a total of 10.5 hours and is 13/16 heroic. Efficiency with time spent is the best means to find efficient end game PvE style groups.

Your PvP game has suffered in what way? You could grind your weekly Conquest Point cap in about 10 wins with minimal to little effort until you got to higher ranks. However, as you grow in rank, you'd also grow in gear. I don't even consider myself a PvP novice as I purely do it for enjoyment, but winning 10 games usually took me 1 hour per week.

Blizzard has expressed many times that they want time spent in the game to be enjoyable and not so much of a grind. They've made continuous changes to expedite processes. Your definition of a 'healthy' game contradicts what many view as a hobby. Hobbies do not have time limits or constraints. Hobbies and games should be played to whatever level you desire so that it does not interfere with real life relationships and responsibilities.

Raid Finder gives players, such as yourself, a means to play in a high level, high group situation without a schedule. You can do LFR on a Monday morning while sick or Friday night when you don't feel like going out or hanging out with your significant other/children/pets/friends. Organized raid groups have higher rates of communication, devotion, and skill that allow them to defeat more complex mechanics and raid demands. There are no restrictions in place, and if you're having issues finding a guild that suits your needs, please consider finding another guild before ranting about the current system not catering to your specific desires, not needs.



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Zemma, perhaps you have not found the in-game Ticket submission system... Or the Forums on the Blizzard website.... Or the clue that maybe you just don't have to play both PVP and PVE.... Or the other clue that maybe you just shouldn't be playing...

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Or the other clue that maybe you just shouldn't be playing...

I agree that this is not the place to try and get some info to blizzard but your comment is a little uncalled for.

The game is supposed to be about fun and the forums here are to help and support players not knock them down.

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