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wow WoW: Legion Collector's Edition Rewards

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Blizzard have just updated the rewards that will be coming with Digital Deluxe Edition of WoW: Legion. It looks like two different demon hunters might just be colliding soon!


You can currently pre-purchase the Collector's Edition and receive a number of rewards within Blizzard games, such as:

  • A Level 100 Character Boost (WoW)
  • Early access to Demon Hunters prior to Legion release (WoW)
  • inv_felstalkermount.jpgReins of the Illidari Felstalker (WoW)
  • inv_felstalker_pet.jpgNibbles (WoW)
  • The Felstalker mount (Heroes of the Storm)
  • Fel Protoss portraits (Starcraft II)
  • Wings of the Betrayer (Diablo III)

It looks like Blizzard have decided that all of these fantastic goodies aren't enough; they've decided to throw in a new transmogrification helm for Diablo III players when purchasing the Legion CE, as seen in the image above.


It will have the skin of the "demon hunter" eyes, as well as horns to match. Now every class in Diablo can look like a Demon Hunter!


If you're interested in pre-purchasing the Collector's Edition, make sure you visit the store (EU / US).


You can also check out the official Blizzard blog post for more information.

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Will these diablo xmog items work on my xbox one D3? I can't play my PC version due to act 2 being buggered entirely.

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Will these diablo xmog items work on my xbox one D3? I can't play my PC version due to act 2 being buggered entirely.


Judging by the comments on the Blizzard post, it looks like users that purchased the CE and have the console version of Diablo 3 did not get the rewards. I'm not sure if this is something that Blizzard are planning to change or if it is just an oversight and will be fixed. Fingers crossed they don't forget about their console players!

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