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Need help for disenchanting golden cards

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I have enough arcane dust to get dr boom if I disenchant all my goldens plus some but I got some goldens that I only got one of, like bane of dome (golden) I only have one bane of dome and its a big factor in my dust please help. The question is should I disenchant my goldens that I only have 1 of?

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Normally I would disenchant any golden I have that is additional to the 2x regular copies of a card. Some cards I would keep the golden versions of if I know they are good and will be used. e.g knife juggler and armour smith, I have one golden and one non-golden for each. So I keep the golden because if I disenchant it I wont have a second knife juggler or armour smith at all. The day I get another regular copy, the goldens will be put up for dusting.


Bane of doom from what I can tell from reading online and watching other players, is a good card for tempo in demon decks since it can remove a minion and put a minion on the field which will have synergy with other cards (and can bypass the summoning downside of various demons.) 


So the question you have to answer is how much use you have for that golden card in your gameplay vs what you plan on crafting. you can check the crafting guides on icy veins for each class to see which cards are considered good for it. If your golden is a high priority craft, keep it until you get enough regular versions of it. If it is something that isn't good (or maybe very niche), doesn't matter how many copies you have of it if it wont find a place in any good/fun deck.

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Ok will do thanks valkyr,oh and is dreadscale good because I all so will disenchant him I dont thi k hes that great dreascale = dr boom


Ok I disenchanted some rares and other goldens and got to keep my bane of doom and got dr boom thx for helping guys smile.png

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