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To DE, or not to DE? That is the question

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So I have some gold cards that I can disenchant. I'm having a moral dilemma regarding whether I should DE them or not. They serve no real extra purpose, but isn't the point of card collecting to get the rare cards? Do you DE the gold cards you get, or do you hang on to them?

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It depends on the cards. I personally DE 'poor' cards that I probably would never play on sight, but keep golden cards that I'd like to have anyway if I don't have two normal copies yet. If you DE a golden card and craft the same normal card it will be exactly dust-neutral (except commons, which net you a tiny amount of extra dust).So I think it is better to hold on to them until I have 2 normal versions.

Sure,you can dust e.g. your golden Ancient of Lore (a card that you want to keep) it to make another card that you want even more (say a Big Game Hunter) , but if you get that BGH in one of your next packs then your much worse of dust-wise, as you only get 100 dust for DE-ing the extra BGH and you would need 300 more to craft an Ancient. But if you get another (normal) Ancient instead in one of the next packs, then that's the moment to dust the golden one and craft your BGH.

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I usually disenchant all golden common cards for the reason explained by Modalko above, as you can actually craft a normal version for less dust than you receive if you want to. But generally I have other cards to craft that are higher up on my priority list, so I save my dust for those. I would never disenchant anything, however, unless I'm ready to use the dust right away. There is no point to throw away a card unless you replace it with something you're more excited about. So if disenchanting something won't give you enough dust for your next craft, just keep the card until you have more dust and/or other cards to disenchant at the same time. In the meantime you may use the card in a deck, or you may admire it in your collection (because let's face it, golden cards are pretty cool!).


If you're a big card collector, meaning you want to try to collect all the golden versions of cards, then disenchanting them will only hurt you in the long run. However, I believe most Hearthstone players are more interested in having the best cards available to play, whether the cards are the golden versions or not.

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