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Mistweaver monk help please

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I am asking for assistance in improving my monk healing. I started healing this raid tier and i feel i should be doing more than i am. I am assigned as a raid healer, so renewing mist and uplift are my best friends. When i look at my logs in comparison to other people’s logs my extend life seems to be a lot lower which concerns me. I think I need to up my usage of RJW. However if someone would please take a look at the logs and let me know of areas i can improve that would be greatly appreciated.

Up to this point i have been just upgrading which had more intellect. Now i have started shifting to getting multi and crit in there.

Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.


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Hey Brewslee! My name is Healeze and I main a mistweaver monk casually in mythic. 

Gearwise - you're almost BiS, but there's a few changes you should try to make. Try to get your hands on the Leather Crit/MS Chest from Socrethar the Eternal and use that instead of the tier. Then to main your 4 set, swap those gloves (whose stats are horrific) for the tier (whose stats are good). The wrists you currently have are not really ideal either - try to get your hands on  the Crit/MS ones from Kilrogg. Kilrogg also drops a good trinket for you too, so make sure to save a coin for it. 


In a week you can get a LOT of valor, so ideally in a couple of weeks you should aim to have all of your items upgraded and have valor to spare. 




Now on to the logs - you're right in that you need to be a lot more aggressive with your RJW. Looking at the Gorefiend Mythic kill it's quite obvious. On gorefiend you should be aiming to get to feast with 100% mana (take a moment to channel Mana Tea just before it begins) and try to arrange with the RL so that you can be one of the first soakers. This means you can spend the entirety of the Feast Of Souls with RJW up doing an obscene amount of healing. 


On your kill RJW did about 1.8m healing. On my last gorefiend kill that I did (https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Rn2kG1QNJ9cFgzBH#fight=32&type=healing&source=134) mine did 6.6M. 


I can also see that you've got oodles and oodles of mana. You need to make sure to track your mana tea a bit better and get the most out of your mana. You should aim to end most intensive fights OOM. Or at least out of mana tea and getting close to fumes. This is because there's simply so much opportunity on almost every fight to have high uptime on RJW, and it will really increase your healing if you make sure to do so. 


Regarding the Extend Life, the fact that you're overhealing (i.e. too many healers) on a lot of fights doesn't help your EL output. Generally all I could recommend is to save a couple of charges for just before large AoE damage goes out, and put out your ReMs on people you suspect (or know) are going to take more damage than the others so that they can benefit from the "beacon of light" effect that EL gives. Personally, if I remember, I attempt to keep one up on the tank and any particularly prolific firestanders. And before big mechanics, you basically want to have as many of them out as possible to get the max benefit from big uplifts. In some circumstances, ReM->Uplift is actually your strongest single target burst heal for mechanics like Befouled on Zakuun etc. When you're in the fro your extend life can sometimes heal for about 200-300k so bear that in mind and place them out pre-emptively on people. 


I hope this helps, and if you have any other specific questions I'm happy to answer them.

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Hey, Healeze covered a lot of important things really well. Just so you know where my advice comes from, I'm a 731 MW at 10/13M.


Here are my logs for my best Gorefiend kill (baring in mind we finished in the 3rd feast):





While it is good that your RJW healing did increase, don't rely on it too much. We do have a lot of mana to play with but overuse can lead to starvation a bit too early, but yeah as Healeze said, you should finish fights OOM, even all fights since any mana left at the end of the fight is just wasted. One of my friends said "there's no competition for finishing with most mana" and its so true. 



Extend Life

Concerning EL, I tend to throw 2 on the tanks and keep one in reserve (any procs go towards the accident prone). I have a heavy reliance on popping uplift simply because of the efficiency in mana regen and healing. If a target is getting low, a good trick is to uplift and then spam EL on them while casting so that there is an instant tick/heal. This way is much more effective than switching to SuM and keeping them up with EnvM. Ofc if they are continuously taking damage then the latter is better however the instant tick does a lot of healing and will improve your overall EL heals as well as spreads more ReMs (since you're a raid healer).


What I also do is put one on the main tank, hit them with EnM and throw out a couple of ELs on the lowest health raiders then uplift > expel harm > uplift. The HoT is surprisingly strong even at only 50% effectiveness.


Even though you probably already know, timing EL is the most important thing and also its positioning. Always keep one on the main tank so they can benefit from an EnvM on that hunter standing in the fire.



I can't remember where in BrF (maybe Blast Furnace) to get it but Elementalist's Shielding Totem is incredible. Yes its from a previous tier but in my opinion it is better than every other trinket available to us. I pair it with Intuition's Gift. The Totem gives a big boost to spirit as well as an insane 2k multistrike proc that I have displayed on a weakaura. When it procs on a Gorefiend phase, the combo of RJW > double/triple ReM (EL) > Chi Burst (to wait for ReM to spread) > Double Uplift > RJW is actually insane. It always out-heals tranq. Even on non-procs I aim to do this combo on fights where there is sustained damage (Zak, Council, Reaver). Of course you should already have at least 6+ ReMs out beforehand. 


Honestly, I really hate the phylactery you have, we already have a lot of mana regen with mana tea so unless you're having trouble with mana, try and find an alternative (the two I recommend). I do know that phylactery is highly sought after but the combo I work with is pretty incredible and should be BiS.




My armoury ^ And similar to Healeze, feel free to ask me any questions! I would give you my btag but I'm in eu :p

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