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Hello! I've been using this site for sometime now. And im loving it so far. 

But, my problem is that my dps is low i think. (I dont know if 20k for ilvl 699 is bad)

So i started a mythic dungeon for about 2-3 hours ago and we didnt even get to the first boss in Iron Docks. People in the party were yelling ur dps is too low for mythics! And i looked at my skada dps meter and it sais that i were doing around 15 and above! The deathknight however did much more than me.


Talents: Long Arm of the Law, Fist of Justice, Sacred Shield, Unbreakable Spirit, Devine Purpose, Execution Sentence and Final Verdict.



My rotation: Avanging Wrath, Execution Sentence, Crusader Strike, Exorcism, Final Verdict, Divine Storm, Hammer of the Righteous


Execution Sentence, Crusader Strike, Judgement, Exorism, Final Verdict, Hammer of wrach when ever possible, Avenging Wrath, Divine Storm and Hammer of the Righteous



My Armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/magtheridon/Naxaras/advanced

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I think a large part of why you're running into issues with your DPS stems from lack of Mastery.


From what I could see on the Armory, you have no Mastery enchants (or enchants of any kind) on any of your gear. And your gear in general is lacking Mastery. It's the stat you try to get as much of as possible. It's entirely possible you're just using the highest item level stuff you have available to get your average ilvl high enough to get into pug mythics, but you really should spend some time in Tanaan Jungle trying to get Baleful tokens that will give you Mastery + Haste/Crit/Multistrike. It might take a bit of time to get lucky in the random way that loot works, but once you get decent stats on the gear, then empower it to 695. You can then upgrade it to 705 with Valor Points. It likely won't be something you can do in a week, but it'll give you more bang for your buck when it all has proper stats.


Also, your trinkets aren't very good. The better trinkets come from raiding, of course, but you can help yourself out by saving up and buying something like the Skull of War from the Auction House or from a friendly player who can craft it for you. If you've been lucky enough to get the Bind on Account 715 DPS trinket from mythics that will work nicely too.


I would also recommend you use your Blacksmith profession to craft and upgrade the 2-Hand ax to ilvl 705, then Valor boost it to 715. Once you get that done you can craft and upgrade 2 more pieces of armor to 715(725 with valor), all of these should have Mastery on them, too. You can use the re-roll items to try to get Mastery on an item after it's been created. Or if you have a lot of gold you can just buy these items and save yourself so time.


I'll let someone else look over your rotation up there, but the above are the easiest things to fix on the whole "My DPS is low" flowchart. 

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