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Enhance Shaman requires help with DPS

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My Shaman is: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/mugthol/Irlinia/simpleilvl 699


I'm finding i do around 33k dps for hellfire raid finder and what to figure out what im doing wrong


The last encounter i have numbers for was slave master in mythic slag mines. I used only wolves as CD for the fight and then followed the rotation as per icy-veins


I am working on getting better chest, bracers and neck from baleful items, and i'm only using PVP items for ilvl


Also for haste its priority number 1 until 50%, is this 50% without lust/food because if i lust and use food i'll go over 50%.


if anyone could help me figure out what im doing wrong and how to fix it? sorry i don't have any combat logs, i couldn't figure out how to get them

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Not sure if they are much help but here are combat logs i have from blackrock foundry normal run i did.


I did die on Blackhand near the start of the 3rd phase when i got knocked off.




I'm also finding my aoe seems a bit low sometimes on trash so i might be doing that rotation wrong.


I've normally only played Balance Druid so i'm trying to do something this time



Also logs from HFC LFR:


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