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Frost DW Rotations

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Hello Icy-Veiners! 

My question is rather simple. What do I use the runes on as DW Frost DK? For Unholy I know that I use Frost/Blood on Festering and Unholy/Death on Scourge Strike for example. 

What to use on what when it comes to DW Frost? 

Regards, Ace

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Rare Patron

The rule I use is from Icy Veins and Son of a Lich:


If you have two Unholy runes available use one on Obliterate unless Defile is available then use on Defile to keep them on cooldown. Just don't use them both because you don't want to convert Unholy runes to Death runes. 


Frost runes should be used on Howling Blast when you don't have a Rime proc. Runic Power should be spent on Frost Strike especially when you have a Killing Machine proc.


Try to avoid using a Killing Machine proc on Obliterate. This can be tricky because Obliterate is what causes a Rime proc so you do want to do it every so often for a Rime proc. Sometimes you have to when nothing else is available.


Blood Tap can be helpful in here when both Frost runes are on cooldown. When you have 5 Blood Charges you can hit Blood Tap to change a Frost rune to a Death rune and then use Howling Blast. It helps if you can manage the Blood Tap availability well. Otherwise, use the Runic Corruption talent to try to keep priority rotation moving. 


I don't think I am the best DPS around and I make mistakes but I try to adhere close to this. If anyone has any other pointers, please feel free to give feedback on mine.

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