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WW enchants - single target vs multitarget, no extra gear

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Hey guys, just a quick question:


When you don't have double set of gear set for Single/mutli targets, and probably won't get for a while - do you enchant for one or the other or a mix of the two? Now I don't actually have any gem slots on my gear atm, so it's only the five enchants - does it make enough difference to fret over it? :p


Should I just for instance go all multistrike on my gear except on the weapon? Or just go all multi (I suppose I should look at my current stats)? Bosses are generally single target with a few exceptions, but about all the trash is multi - do people actually swap talents and gear for trash?




Some of the gear is from my brewmaster spec which is for the time being still considered my main spec, even though I don't raid regularly anymore.





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If you aren't swapping gear between ChiEx (for multi target/cleave) and Serenity (for single target), then just use MS enchants on everything, including weapon. The difference between haste and Ms for ChiEx is fairly small, and MS is by far the best stat for Serenity at your gear level. The only "cap" for any stat is at 59% MS with no dynamic buffs (trinkets, weapon proc, etc) you should start going for crit other stats. I'd only worry about swapping gear out if you've got enough gear to maintain sets for both talents. I wouldn't bother with switching talents for trash.

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