Diablo 3 Lightning Talks: Building Sescheron

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Twenty years ago, a whole civilization was driven to the brink of extinction. The bloody crusade of Baal, Lord of Destruction had focused the majority of its wrath on seizing control of the Worldstone from the Barbarian peoples. Their home was a keep, Sescheron, tucked firmly in the base of Mount Arreat. There, they had held the key to the whole creation of Sanctuary, and Evil desired its power. The Barbarians fought Baal's tyranny harder than any, truly giving pride to their warrior society. Even so, the fall Sescheron came after the cost of their leader, The Great King Kanai, had been exacted. It has been twenty years Nephalem, go forth and find the story that was rarely told.


Tuesday the Diablo official Youtube channel added another in the series of Lightning Talks which they have been producing lately. The series is centered around recreating the talks which took place at Blizzcon's Slaughtered Calf Inn, and aims to help everyone who was unable to attend get a sense of what was discussed. 


The latest video, Building Secheron, discusses the process the team went through in order to bring life to the former seat of the Barbarian people.




For those who don't know the lore, Secheron was a Barbarian stronghold, contained in the base of Mount Arreat. Mount Arreat had been a hollow mountain which contained the Worldstone, a tool which was used in the creation of Sanctuary itself. The Worldstone was often the subject of desire from various individuals in the Eternal Conflict, and was destroyed in Diablo II's expansion The Lord of Destruction. The destruction of the stone was performed by Tyrael in a last minute gambit to keep possession from The Lord of Destruction himself, Baal. While the plan succeeded, the battle with Baal's twisted army and the resulting explosion from the destruction of the Worldstone left Mount Arreat a smouldering crater (as seen in Act III of Diablo III) and the Barbarian people all but decimated. 


This video was really enjoyable for me, as it ties together some of the greatest moments in Diablo lore and the design of the game itself. I think most of us really enjoy the hard work the team has been putting in to bring us new areas in the past few patches, and I am really glad Sescheron was one of those zones. 


Full video is embedded below: 


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