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Damage Formulas

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I need help with the calculations for the damage of Judgement vs Crusader Strike.

World of Logs and Simcraft are showing top Ret Paladins doing significantly more damage with Judgement than what these calculate out to be.

In game on test dummy I can not get Judgement to pull ahead of CS with the HoL procs added in? Could be gear issue or is there something else I am missing?

Pulled these from the EJ forums.


Base Damage: average 623

Coefficient: 54.6% of SP and 32.8% of AP

Crusader Strike

((((AP/14) * 3.3 ) + Weapon damage) * 125%) + 791

Thanks for the help,

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What are the stats for your character and what damage values do you get for Judgment and Crusader Strike?

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5.2 just dropped, so I guess it won't matter now (since priority may change some with set bonus). I had forgot that spell damage raid buff would effect the Judgement damage and that it's unmitigated vs Crusader Strike being mitigated by boss.

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