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Unholy BiS list 6.2

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Simple question, is there any current BiS list for Unholy DK's? Necroblight preferably smile.png


Frankly necroblight and BOS sorta share BIS gear. Necroblight now favors multistrike over everything due to the nature of hellfire citadel and the encounters. so.


vial of convulsive shadows mythic or heroic and unending hunger will probably serve you best. On more add fights you might replace unending hunger with class trinket and of course on demons replace it with loom. 


after that, for the rest of the gear, our fellow icy veins folk have a nice list already handy. that is pretty up to date biggrin.png




So that ^ is a pretty good starting point guide and in general pretty good. Again on certain fights you might swap out talents or even rotations but aside from that, it should do ya good.

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