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Gladiator DPS Help

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Hi All, 

I am after some advise. I know Gladiators might not be in Legion but I want to have some fun with one while I still can. I have read loads of specs and got everything as it should be and I am pretty down with the rotation however I am struggling to get past 14K dps, that's about my average which is almost 10k down on what it should be. 

Anyone got any ideas? My current gear level is 640, it just seems weird I so low as with a hunter even when not trying too hard I am close to what it should be with a lazy rotation.


I understand that hunters are different but it is just an example and I am just worried that I am 10k lower than what I should be when I sweating that much from crunching out my rotation no stop.  



Forgot to add the following:


Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/defias-brotherhood/Tilda/simple


Sorry not got the other logs but working on it. 

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What I've noticed is my DPS has substancially increased with a better understanding of rotation as a glad warrior.  You're shield charge proc for the increased damage on hs/revenge is critical.  I hardly ever burn my rage without that proc'd.  Now if a proc isn't gonna be available in I'll go ahead and burn some rage typically through 2 HS or whatnot, once I got my rotation down it REALLY helped my DPS.  I've realized that my DPS downfall is from failing to utilize a great rotation,  I'd tell you to just keep working on your rotation until you've gotten it down pretty well

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