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Prot Paly with low dps and low tank survivability. Need advice

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logs from raid done a week ago. 




armory link. trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong here.


rotation-  AV shield, crusader strike, hammer of rightious, judgement, shield of rightous


AV shield when it procs

Holy avenger and seraphim on cd 


Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Replace the stamina gem in your helmet with a haste one. Replace all of your mastery enchants with haste as well as Warsong on your weapon. Haste is ridiculously good for prot paladins because your GCD is reduced, resulting in higher Holy Power generation and greater active mitigation through Shield of the Righteous. Looking at your logs, you need a lot more uptime on SotR. Haste will help you get there.


Your gear pieces themselves are pretty fine for the most part. I would replace your belt with the BoE one (Girdle of Demonic Wrath) from heroic or mythic HFC. It's BiS by a mile. I'd also replace the shoulders with heroic tier and swap the tier pants with the ones from Fel Lord. I don't know what other trinkets you have available to you atm, but I run the Iskar/class trinket on progression and it serves me very well. Tyrant's trinket is garbage to me because stamina quickly becomes irrelevant due to your tier set giving you a gazillion shields anyways. Kilrogg's will serve you well for a significant buff to your haste but it's supbar compared to the class one for me in terms of healing/damage reduction. The Iskar trinket should always be used as a mandatory. The mastery buff on it is up for literally half the fight.




Your rotation is basically what I do. On progression though I always try to prioritize CS/HotR, Judgment, then AS. I have a Weak Aura designed to return to me the amount of absorption the tier set bonus is currently giving me, so I try to not spam AS as the bubbles don't really stack and I can refresh it as soon as it dissipates or runs low. SotR for the most part can be spammed as soon as you can use it, but you get the most use out of it if you know when you're going to be taking physical damage. Ex, on Kilrogg you'll always use it for Shred, but when he's casting visions or Death Throws it's pretty worthless to use because you won't be taking any melee hits. This is where you would pool your HP for those couple of seconds to have it ready to go for the melee hits after he's done casting. However, if you have 5 HP at any time, spend it with a SotR (or Word of Glory if you're down some health) so as to not waste additional HP.




Switch to Divine Purpose instead of Holy Avenger. Div Purpose provides a greater output for survivability. Use Light's Hammer for AoE fights because it's a massive amount of burst damage for your raid. On single target use Execution Sentence on yourself whenever you feel you'll need the extra healing. At this point you can also convert to using Holy Shield. You'll get more Avenger's Shield resets from the upped block chance and overall it just makes things go smoother (no pooling 5 HP at a certain time for Seraphim or stance dancing for Emp Seals).


The glyphs you have on now are the typical ones that you should run but be sure to fill in that third empty slot for your major glyphs. It'll be personal preference really.




I see you used Strength potions on some fights. Switch to using Bonus Armor pots. You'll get both the defensive bonus through the 1500 armor, but you'll also receive way more Attack/Spell Power due to Bonus Armor also giving Attack Power for Prot Pallies. For a flask, I always use Strength because, like I said with the Tyrant trinket, Stamina gets pretty worthless. The Attack/Spell Power bonus from the Strength flask will outweight the slight health buff that Stam flasks give.



I don't know how well my my tips will come across in my walls of text but if you need me to clarify anything feel free to ask. I'll try to amend any statements and come up with more tips based on my own experience.


My character:



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Well your DPS i cant say anything on since we Proties have pretty low DPS output compared to the other tanks (atleast what i have noticed)

As Graador wrote pretty much all that will improve your survivability alot and its haste, haste and more haste you want until you hit haste cap that us 50% (after that you wont get lower GCDs) 

I would say though that Seraphim is better than the other talents except for a few fights. The only 2 fights i dont use sera for atm is Mannoroth cause of the risk of screwing up the Glaive combo (even though we can just immune the debuff) and Kilrogg if im the one tanking the boss (just started proggressing on him in mythic yesterday so cant tell you the diffrence of the talents there yet)


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