Switching from 2 2 handers to 2 one handers

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As the title says, I am looking into switching from using 2 two handed weapons to using 2 one handed weapons. From what I have read, using 2 one handers does more dps. Character in question. I can make the masterwork phantsmal hammer and was wondering if I use two of those if it would do better dps/damage than my current weapons or if I should wait for a drop of a better on hander.


(incase the link doesnt work

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It all depends on your crit% chance.

Yes, for equivalent ilvls, 1handers should dish out mroe dps overall. However, according to the top-end warriors of this world, Fury's rotation becomes a bit sloppy/rng-loaded when you get below 20% crit.

I guess a simple answer would be: If changing for 1 handers keeps you above 20% crit, definitely go for it. If not, wait until you get better weapons.


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