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Saberblade emblem/bis list

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I was looking at the BiS trinket list for assassination rogues and I didnt see the saberblade emblem. I have it empowered and upgraded 2/2 for a 705 item level.

319 agility 319 Mastery. Just wondering where this fits in as I just got Malicious censer which gives 397 multistrike and an agility proc. Im not sure I want to switch out my two best stats (agi + mastery) for multistrike :(


My other trinket is the chipped soul prism 705 0/2 and I also have humming blackiron trigger 670 in the bank


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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First question: Do you have your 4 piece bonus yet?


Secondly: Which version of the Censer did you get? I'm going to assume Normal?


Multistrike is very close to being equal to Mastery once you get the 4 set, and is actually better than Mastery once you get your class trinket. Your two BiS trinkets are the Bleeding Hollow Toxin Vessel (class trinket) and Soul Capacitor


To actually answer your question though, I would use Censer and your Saberblade Emblem for the time being. Be sure to upgrade the Censer as well.

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