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I'm not understanding the Arms guide.

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I've been playing around with my Warrior a bit recently, and since I don't have the 4-piece and Archi trinket yet I hopped on the PTR to try it out when geared, and I'm really not getting the way the Arms guide is telling me to play. The guide says only to use MS and CS as well as keeping rend up, but when I do that I find myself swimming in rage I can't get rid of since MS isn't resetting often enough to spend it. And that's without Taste for Blood, with Taste I almost always have a full rage bar, but the guide says that it's still the best talent at that tier. So what am I not getting here? Should I still be using WW to dump rage and potentially waste GCDs when MS is up, despite the guide telling me not to with the 4-piece, or should having all this rage I can't spend not be a problem in a raid environment somehow?

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Hey Leonus:
Thanks for taking the time to post on the Icy Veins warrior boards!
With your post, I'm presuming you're talking about the Icy Veins Arms Guide. It should be noted that our guides here are for general purposes - a starting point, if you will, of how to play any class and spec. Once you obtain [specific] gear (4-PC, trinkets, etc) then you can really start working on mastering your class and spec.
As far as your question(s) go, however, here is how I manage my rotation. This is with the consideration that I have my Worldbreaker's Resolve and my tier 18 4-PC set bonus.

  • Colossus Smash: If it resets within 1 - 2 GCDs I don't use it again if something else is up (such as Mortal Strike or an Execute proc). I let the duration expire a bit and sit happy knowing I can use it again when needed).
  • Execute: This is obviously sub-20% HP on the boss and if you have Sudden Death procs. Do not bother pooling rage if you're under the 20% bar. Use it when you can.
  • Mortal Strike: Assuming that Rend is still on your target, prioritize this especially when it procs.
  • Rend: Make sure you maintain this. Once the duration hits 4 seconds (or less) - refresh it. Do not let it fall off because, without Rend being active, you cannot get Mortal Strike procs.
  • Storm Bolt / Dragon Roar
  • Whirlwind: Rage dump when nothing else is available. Sometimes you may use this once or twice because you are simply unlucky with CS and MS procs.

Hopefully this clears things up for you a bit. If you should need further clarification do not hesitate to ask. Keep in mind this does not cover the use of your cooldowns such as Recklessness, potions, ring usage, your level Tier 6 talent choice, or Ravager (Tier 7 talent choice if you've not taken Anger Management).

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