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Hunter Class Trinket Range ?

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Hey guys,

 so i got the class trinket from archimonde on heroic and its really nice on some encounters but it bothers me, that i have to guess how many yards between me and the boss are.


So has someone faced the same problems as me and is there a weakaura or something else which can show the distance between a player and the boss?


And 2. question:

I have a quite bad cloak from black rock foundry, but its with crit and multi and i got the cloak from hellfire assault on mythic (which is with tempo versatility if i remind right)

and it is definitly more agility but i have the feeling, that my dmg drops because i have no crit and multistrike on them.


my current cloak has:

180 agi

271 stamina

114 krit

124 multistrike


the other cloak has:

217 agi

326 stamina

176 tempo

114 versatility

(+ i can upgrade the cloak 2 times)


And (maybe it can help) a link to my character:



thanks for help :)

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To answer your first question, the Hunter Class Trinket is really bad.  You have to be 35+ yards away from the target on average throughout a fight for it to be better than other trinkets of the same tier (heroic vs heroic, etc).  It's pretty good for Beast Mastery, but it should never be considered as a viable option for Marksmanship.

For the second, this can be answered simply by using stat weights.  Grab the addon Pawn and import this string into it (use the "standard" string).  The second cloak is better.

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