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Hey there everyone.


After having very frustrating experiences with my Mech Shaman and Battlecry Shaman decks I started to hate the class. And I don't like playing face decks so the shaman win quests was a pain for me. But yesterday I was watching Kolento's video and in description I saw a link to his decks. For those who wanna look at it here is the decks link:


While I was looking I saw a Dragon Shaman deck and it really suprised me. I like playing dragon decks so I decided to make it. And it does pretty good job. Now I started to play shaman more and I dont hate playing the class anymore. Actually I enjoy playing with that deck.


If you are a shaman hater I suggest you to try this deck. Its pretty fun to play. Here is the deck list too; And I also point this deck is made by Kolento.


I will be happy if I could help. Enjoy your games!

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