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Hey Guys I'm trying out on a new guild and need help understanding the logs, to see if I'm doing something wrong or is there something I can improve. The logs are from mythic Gorefiend. Any help would be appreciated.



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What i can see you are using Holy Prism instead of ExS or LH which is causing you a lot of GCD wasted on it for an example you are casting HP more than crusader strike which is a loss in HoPo generation.

Also see that you are missing quite alot of uptime of Sotr wondering where you are putting the rest of the HoPo during that huge gap in uptime. 

Other than that it looks pretty solid you can  get more Seraphim uptime if you are just getting more efficent with your HoPo generation. 

So in short bett Sotr uptime or time it better with Seraphim, Better control of you HoPo generation

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