[US-ELUNE][H]<Raid Corp>0/13 N, All Players, Newly Formed

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  • a Social, Casual Core, Horde Raiding Guild on US-Elune
  • Founded Feb. 3, 2016
  • 3, 2 hour raid nights (Raid nights and times to be determined) NOT MANDATORY
  • Guild Leader Experience / Progression
    • Expansions played
      • Vanilla - Initial release
      • Burning Crusades (BC)
      • Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK)
      • Cataclysm (Cata)
      • Warlords of Draenor (WoD)
    • Current Progression
      • 10/13 N, 11/13 H, AOTC as a MM Hunter
      • 5/13 N as a tank
  • Contact Info
  • Ranks
    • Guild Leader
    • Council : hand picked by guild leader, authenticator secured members
    • Officer : voted in by council, reccomended by guild
    • Raid Leader : loyal mythic raiders, class and raid knowledgable, good leadership qualities, hand picked by council
    • Mythic Raider : * (lvl 100) members who are * (iLvl 710+)
    • Heroic Raider : * (lvl 100) members who are * (iLvl 680 - 710)
    • Raider : * (lvl 100) members who are * (iLvl 650 - 680)
    • Member : members above * (lvl 90), but below * (iLvl 650)
    • Newbie : members below * (lvl 90)
    • Probation : new members up to 10 days
  • Requirements
    • Good Attitude - mature, polite, out going
    • Sociable - talks to other guildmates, use of guild materials (ie. website, specific guild communication, etc)
    • Active - be part of the guild. take part in events. make suggestions.
  • Rules
    • No Drama - Drama will not be tolerated, no matter who good of a raider you are.
    • Absence Notification - Real life happens and is understood. if you know or think you will be gone from the game a lenth of time greater than 14 days, you must notify an Officer, Council Member or Guild Leader.
    • Have Fun - World of Warcraft, while some see it as life and some of us bleed wow, is just a game. We are here to have fun. Enjoy yourself, but do it in a manner that makes it fun for you and your guildmates.
  • Addon Requirements / Suggestions - all can be downloaded from curse
    • Non-Raiders
      • Greenwall - Chat relay addon.
      • MessageBoard - In-game guild forum
      • Curse Voice - Voice chat program
    • Raiders
      • GTFO - Raid awareness addon
      • DBM / Big Wigs (your choice) - Raid encounter info addon
      • All addons listed in the Non-Raider section


* Dictated by latest playable expansion


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