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Frost mage DPS help

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Hello folks. My wife plays a frost mage and we run regularly with some folks and my wife has been having issues with her DPS, especially on Heroic Archie as she tries for her kill. We know she can pull better numbers but we cant tell why. SO the raid leader posts the logs on AMR and I was wondering if the wonderful folks here on Icy Veins could take a look.


Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/steamwheedle-cartel/Killernight/simple


Most recent logs: http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/combatlog/e14beaca-4dfe-472f-aaf5-4612da0938b3/overview


Any and all advice would be welcome as she wants to be a productive member of the raid group. Thank you.

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If you could, please reupload your logs to WarcraftLogs, it makes things much easier to analyze.  Things such as buffs (which are fairly important for frost) cannot be looked at properly in AMR's combat log site.  Specifically this would entail looking at how many FoF/BF procs you wasted (if any) and properly weaving spells as necessary.

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answering a bit late but I can see quite a few problems that pull her dps down:


First of all she uses the second potion in only 30% of the pulls, just using potions should help her to do a lot more dps. She's also really inconsistent with her ice lances/using procs. Some pulls she has used more than 20 more ice lances than she has had FoF procs when this should be pretty much zero. on some other pulls she doesn't use her FoF procs and just lets them go to waste.


Third thing I noticed that she seems to have huge problems with movement. On some pulls she spent more than 30 seconds in a row without casting a single frost bolt. I don't really know how to use amr, but buffs didn't show that she would have used a single ice floes during the fights I looked at (could help a lot more with warcraftlogs logs so like Orthios said, I think you should start using it instead amr). other than using ice floes also using double blink glyph should help her a lot with movement.


Last thing I noticed is that she's missing a lot of cd uses. Both icy veins and water jet should almost always be casted on cooldown unless you're saving them for ring/lust. If she can fix these things even a bit her dps should get a lot better.

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