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Protection Paladin Threat

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So atm me and my other tank partner in crime are having a bit of a problem with my threat output.


During a pull i do an ungodly amount of threat that isnt even fun which means that i have to stop doing stuff just to not pull threat. And this started when i got my 4P before that it was no problem at all. 

My normal boss pull is Pre-Pot, Holy Avenger, Avenger Shield (One more time if it procs), Judgement and Seraphim then its normal rotation. Its quite insane how much threat we can do atm with just that. And before you tell me to tell him to let me start on the bosses we are already doing so that he starts for a reason since he is better than me to get the boss in to the better position than i am and we have been doing this since we started to raid together.


My Armory:http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/argent-dawn/Se%C3%A1x/simple

Just ask for logs if you need them to

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Logs will help.


It can then be seen what you do on the pull (even though you did list it) and can also see what the other tank does.


Some tanks are thinking about survivability 100% and not about threat.

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