My Unholy Breath of Sindragosa WeakAuras

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Hello, i just spent a few hours creating these to help me with the rotation so i don't have to stare at my resources. There are a few small optimizations that can be made i think, but i'm not really that great at Lua, am too lazy or there's too many cases to be made for it to be perfect, so i just created something that should bring out at least most of the dps of the class.

I created them with the help of the icy-veins unholy DK guide and a bit of help from the priority list of Simulationcraft

Anyway, submitting this so if anyone is not feeling lazy to check them out and give me his opinion, thanks for reading!



2 groups, 1 for the main rotation, 1 for Breath of Sindragosa

I use Runic Corruption because i read it has almost the same DPS to Blood Tap for unholy (and the guy who presented that information also presented a bunch of graphs from Simulationcraft, here's a link) and because i guess i didn't have enough hotkeys on my keyboard, i don't like using ALT/SHIFT/CTRL + Button hotkeys so almost everything is a single key on the left side of the keyboard

Purple Death Coil means Sudden Doom proc. Red means that Runic Power is more than 80.

The Breath of Sindragosa group works like this: It shows if you need more runic power with a blue BoS icon and you need more runes with a green one. (I made it so it's green when you have <75RP and blue with <3 runes)

Also it kindly reminds you to use buffs before the breath (i cuss too much, even at myself)


Rotation WAs: http://pastebin.com/yGSK78rv

BoS WAs: http://pastebin.com/KdGLPcY6


EDIT2: Improved the BoS WAs, found out why my Lua scripts weren't working, i had forgotten to make it check on every frame...

EDIT: Made a video and edited the group a bit, here's the video: 

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I gave your WA a try since i'm a frost DK and i know nothing about unholy.
When i apply outbreak the WA still shows me to use outbreak and plague strike even tho disease are on the target.

is that for necrotic plague ? or something isnt working properly maybe ?

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Dunno what that's about, it never happened to me. Sorry though, i canceled my subscription so i can't really update them right now.

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