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Im currently trying the invoker crusader thorns build and i like it however it has not the end game dps im looking for so im thinking to switch to either the LoN bombardment build or the arkkan condemn build, but i would like some input on the builds.


Why is the LoN bombardment listed as end game guild and arkkan as speedrunning.


Im looking for a build that is fast and can take T10 easily, im aware of they are two different playstyes and i prefer the LoN playstyle.


Can anyone give me a brief explanation on how the two builds compare in comparison of speed and damage in Grifts 50+ and T10 and Grifts speedrunning on Grifts over 50


/Regars Jalapan

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I used to run Condemn w/ Akkhan Set build.  It worked well up to Grift 50.  I was on point perfecting my gear as recommended, but survivability was an issue.  I had illusionary boots cubed, but the 1-hit elites prevented me from escaping death.  I found replacing the Strong Arm Bracers and Vigilante Belt with Ancient Krelm's Buff Set worked better at survivability.  The Run Speed, Knock Back + Stun immunity and +500 Vitality helped.  I Cubed the Strong Arm Bracers in place of the Illusionary Boots to keep the Legendary Stat (important for build).  This only took me to GR 55 and I had troubles again.  Unity Ring + Companion (w/ immortal charm) worked wonders, but in groups, I was the only one dying multiple times.


I actually switched to Invoker of Thorns build.  It took me a minute to level up the Legendary Gems and semi-perfect the gear, but I am soloing GR 70 atm.  I did modify the build a bit as well which improved both DPS output and survivability.  I have yet to die.


I have not tried LoN Bombardment yet.  I am interested to see how this stacks up to the Invoker Builds.

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