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Ranked Play Frustration

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Hello folks.  I first want to say thanks to Sottle and the others on this website.  I've used it quite a bit in these first two months of my Hearthstone play.


I played the game for a few weeks and then began ranked play last month and quickly took Sottle's basic rogue deck up to rank 16 where i bounced around close to that rankng til season's end.


I have since assemble the 'Oil' rogue deck minus two cards (Edwin VanCleef, and Bloodmage Thalnos) and dove back in to the new season of ranked play.  That's where my frustration begins. 


I can't seem to get past rank 19-20.  It seems I now run into increasingly stronger decks every single game (i'm wondering if opponents aren't all that random and now that my rogue deck is level 37 it factors that into the randomness somehow?).  Regardless, this Oil deck that is supposed to be legend capable is getting smoked every other game by Shamans, Priests, Paladins, etc.


Yes, i've only been playing a few months, but I did manage to take a basic deck to level 16.  I shot up a few levels to 19 quickly with the Oil deck, but have stalled out.  My biggest problem, as I see it, is that if I don't win the game by round 10 (give or take maybe 2 rounds), every opponent I face with the Oil deck simply smokes me after that.  I really like Oil rogue and the mechanic of it, but is seems that it is incredibly vulnerable if you don't get a near perfect draw and close out your opponent early on? 


All too often I feel like a glass cannon, and end up with a handful of 1-2 drop removal cards that simply won't remove larger minions late in the game.


Here is my deck i'm currently using, having replaced the second Sprint with a second Tomb Pillager (I found I never lasted long enough to cast a second Sprint and found myself without enough board minions too often).



I would greatly appreciate any advice and help.  It just seems to me, that despite the lack of two cards, one of which seems to be widely recognized as replaceable in this deck (Thalnos), I should be having a better time of it with this deck than with the basic deck.  Thanks in advance!



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Oil is a new level of difficulty compared to proactive control deck you have played up to now. It will take you some time to get used to the deck. The biggest problem is using combo pieces to clear the board (Flurry, Oil) when you should not and vice-versa.

Level of a character/hero does not matter, at least not officially and in my experience.

As I said previously, knowing when to use combo pieces outside of the combo is vital. The second most important thing is managing your resources. With bad management you lose. Oil Rogue is one of the decks that really on that very hard. Although I usually recommend Trump's teaching, resource management is a thing you can't learn from a video. You can only practice.

Early draw doesn't matter that much. The deck runs 2 FoKs, 2 Flurries and a lot of tempo cards to help you regain the board.

2 Saps are enough to "remove" most of the big threats, it helps you gain tempo in the late-game and allows you to trigger combos more easily.

Changes: 1 Pillager -> Healbot, 1 Earthen -> Kobold, 1 Shiv -> Piloted Shredder 

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