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wow Legion Alpha: New Build Released (21063)

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Another build has just hit the Legion Alpha servers and with it comes a huge amount of changes including six new specialisations to play and massive changes to the already playable classes. Check out what has changed!


A post was published on the official forums last night with the basic information relating to the new patch, as seen below:


Blizzard Icon Build Design Notes

Hello everyone!
Yet another new Alpha build is on its way, hopefully today. More new and revised things are available to test:
New Specializations Unlocked – A whopping 6 new specializations are ready for testing! We’d love any and all feedback about their gameplay, artifact quest lines, abilities, etc.
  • Holy Priest
  • Holy Paladin
  • Protection Paladin
  • Beast Mastery Hunter
  • Demonology Warlock
  • Arcane Mage
Class Status – We’re continuing to iterate on our class abilities and talents, based on testing and feedback. This build has many revisions scattered around the classes, but here are some highlights:
  • Retribution Paladins – Several talents have been revised.
  • Enhancement Shamans – Many talents have been revised. We also revised some of their baseline abilities, and passives.
  • Elemental Shamans – Many talents have been revised. We also revised some of their baseline abilities, and passives.
  • Guardian Druids – Their core offensive combat abilities have received significant changes. Hopefully this should create more engaging gameplay.
  • Blood Death Knights – Many talents have been revised. We also revised some of their baseline abilities.
  • Subtlety Rogues – We’ve significantly revised their core combat abilities. We’ve also tweaked what abilities each spec has.
  • Marksmanship Hunters – Several talents have been revised.
  • Survival Hunters – Several talents have been revised.
  • Discipline Priest – We revised some baseline abilities.
Creature Tuning – We continue to tweak the health levels of creatures in Legion. In this build, creature health has been raised, because combat times were generally too short. Feedback on whether creatures take too long or too little time to kill is valuable, as well as how sparsely or densely populated with creatures the world is. Be sure to mention specific locations when giving feedback on this!
Thanks, and we look forward to your feedback!
Also, check out the design notes from the previous build, if you haven't already as well.
New Items
There have also been a number of new items included in the new build, such as the achievement_challengemode_gold.jpgChallenger's Armaments, which was mentioned in a tweet from the developers, seen below.
We can assume that the item will cost 3000 gold, given that the sell price is currently set at 750 gold. This is open to change, since it is still the early Alpha, but this seems like a reasonable price for a one-time purchase item.
There have also been new toys added but with class restrictions. While we are yet to see all of them, it seems like some are going to be much more useful than others. A stellar example of this would be to compare the Druid and Mage toys, ability_druid_manatree.jpgNature's Beacon and inv_misc_enchantedpearl.jpgFamiliar Stone. While we do not know what this natural location is, it's most likely going to be more useful than conjuring a familiar pet.
Cosmetic Glyph Changes
There has been a huge amount of discussion surrounding the state of cosmetic glyphs in Legion, but it looks like this build has given us a preview of what is to come. While old favourites are returning under new names, such as inv_glyph_minorwarrior.jpgGlyph of the Blazing Savior, there have also been a number of new cosmetic glyphs introduced. One of the most notable is a brand new spectral form for Shamans using inv_glyph_minorshaman.jpgGlyph of the Spectral Raptor

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