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hey guys,


im playing my dk but I feel im not doing the required dps for my gear, can someone read the logs and point me out what I am doing wrong and what I need to improve?


Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/Dragonmaw/romew/advanced

Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Ba9fZ7pnGP468QhL/

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I haven't looked at your logs. It seems to me that you have way too much haste and not enough mastery first of all.  2nd your trinkets are bad. Shoot for EDH and DC Manny and felt lord respectively. The rumbling pebble off korm isn't too bad either.

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1. You haven't enchanted your rings or cloak or neck. Enchant them all with gift of mastery, that will give you a bunch more mastery.


2. As previously said your trinkets need to be replaced. The min requirement is empty drinking horn. That should be your number one priority. After that you would ideally have a vial of convulsive shadows followed by rumbling pebble. 


Rotation and talent wise I see only two things.


1. On every fight I don't see you casting empower runic weapon. This gives you an free rune refresh and a nice chunk of runic power. 


2. You use necrotic plague on everything. This is not recommended. Defile is superior to necrotic plague in single target fights and frankly as you progress aoe fights as well. Adds will not stay up long enough to get full ticks of necrotic plague. Now on fights like hellfire and ishkar you could use necrotic plague well but defile burns down priority targets better. So at a min use defile on single target fights instead of np on everything.


Also strive to finish your 4 set. You only have the 2 piece bonus. The 4 piece isn't a gigantic dps gain but it is a dps gain. The only dk spec that should break set is unholy and that's under very specific circumstances. 


so tldr

enchant everything

moar empower runic weapon

more defile

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