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Enhancement shaman dps help

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Armory link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/amanthul/Rhythmm/advanced




latest heroic xhul/manny: http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/combatlog/00a09678-6630-4b7d-9832-36c2a7595e6e/report/64#v=0,d=0




using main single target rotation:


-keep searing totem up

-lightning bolt at 5 charges

-unleash elements

-flame shock (including refreshes at 9sec) normally does this with unleash

-stormstrike when at 2

-lava lash at 2

-lava lash at 1

-stormstrike at 1

-frost shock 

-lightning bolt below 5 stacks as filler





unleash at -4 sec

ghost wolf at -3 sec

fire ele totem at -2sec

prepot at -1 sec

flame shock at 0sec

spirit walk + stormstrike at 1 sec

ascendance at 2 sec

blademaster trink at 3sec


cooldowns after that: storm elemental after fire ele, the rest are used on cooldown



Only reason I am asking is to aim for higher dps.

Percentile seems to be at 14% for enhancement dps ranking, and doing 50k+ at a aoe heavy fight.

Any comments on how to improve dps? 

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If you're talking about AoE problems, you need to use fire nova on CD and unleash for Fire nova > Fire shock, though keeping an unleashed fire shock up is pretty nice.

As soon as there is 2 targets you should start using chain lightning with maelstrom and Fire nova stacks on CD.


If you think about single target, I guess you're using primal elemental instead of unleash fury, if that is the case you should have lower priority on unleash.

Also your 2 stack Stormstrike(SS) and 2 stack Lava Lash(LL) is > Fire shock in either case and if unleashed fury isn't talented they're above unleash elements aswell. It is only in the case that you got unleashed fury talented that unleash elements is second priority and fire shock would still be below 2 stack LL and SS. 

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Hello fellow shammies. I started to raid recently. And I need a piece of advice from you. I got rotation part, still it's not clear to me when to pop up the burst. Most of the time I pop bursts right at pull and when use them as soon as they're off CD. And for that reason I don't have them ready for like Gorefiend's soul feast. Could you please help me on this. And btw, what do you thing should be DPS output of my gear? 

Armory link http://eu.battle.net/wow/ru/character/%D1%80%D0%B5%D0%B2%D1%83%D1%89%D0%B8%D0%B8-%D1%84%D1%8C%D0%BE%D1%80%D0%B4/%D0%9B%D0%BE%D0%B3%D1%80%D0%B5%D0%BD/advanced

Some logs. They're not quite stable.



Thanks in advance for all your input.

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This guide sums up very well on basic rotations, etc. But I am willing give out a few pointers.



-Switch out Primal Elementalist for Unleashed Fury. UF interacts with your 4 piece soooo well. While using UF you should save Maelstrom Stacks up to 6/7 with an Archimonde Trinket and 8/9 without. UF+LB will do more dps over all than FET and SET in the long run.


-You are not using Liquid Magma in Xhul or Manny, and your up time on SET is abysmal. In Xhul, it made up less than 1% of your DPS. In any add heavy fight, you should NEVER EVER use SET. 


-Frozen Power is literally useless except in Kilrogg. Go for Windwalk, as your team can quickly get back into position after Manny casts Shadow Force in his final phase to ignore the slow when everyone walks back into place.




-There is no reason at all to not use Storm Strike until it is back to 2 charges. Just let her rip, especially in ST. Let the CD tick down, as there's seriously no DPS loss using it on CD and the debuff is piss-easy to maintain with one target.


-Same thing for Lava Lash. If you have no other buttons to press, just start mashing Lava Lash incase the proc occurs. Seriously, don't hard cast Lightning bolt, that's not a good idea. You can use literally anything else like Frost Shock or even Fire Nova in ST and not suffer a DPS loss as great as hard casting LB.


-You are not using Fire Nova enough. It may be hard to juggle 3 different basic CDs at once, I would prioritize Fire Nova>Lava Lash>Storm Strike. In some situations, I mix it up with FN/FN/LL/SS/FN/SS/LL to keep the CDs rolling.


-Why aren't you using Magma Totem. That's a DPS gain especially in Xhul where the adds are bunched up.




-Please use Fire Nova/Lava Spread/Flame Shock for AoE fights. You can tag more adds, and more adds with FS = more HP.


DBM/BigWigs tells you when Imps spawn so there is no need for Cap Totem since you can place it 2 seconds ahead of time. Lightning Shield costs a GCD and Ancestral Guidance is a much better idea to pop as it heals the raid and you, and Chain Lightning is okay, but I'd still prioritize LB over CL in most fights.




-Mark of the Bleeding Hollow/Warsong for either weapon, as BH gives Mastery, which equals to more DPS especially in Fire Nova.


-Kilrogg drops our BiS neck and Manny drops our BiS cloak, there is almost no reason to have crafted those, especially if they're Haste/Multi. I suggest you reroll them into Haste/Mastery.


-Please PLEASE PLEASE get your Archimonde trinket if you don't have one. It gives you more DPS with Windfury doing WAY MORE DAMAGE and giving you move Maelstrom Stacks randomly with auto attacks. It's a GOD SEND.

-Also your Mythic Dungeon trinket wipes the floor on Xhul/Archie/Manny and demon fights in general. You should try to get that too. 




This also may sound stupid, but I do believe using Totemic Encirclement is SOMEWHAT useful with Liquid Magma, as I believe LM will come out of the dummy Fire totem in case you ever forget to recast Flame/Magma Totem.


Here's my gear and logs, feel free to check them out. (Although I have been checking out Elemental recently so fights like Xhul have not been updated. The logs date back from weeks ago when I had a lower ilvl. Also my guild hasn't cleared lower floor H HFC in a LOOOONG time...)





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Much appreciated for the replies.

Changing the talents to UF and LM has increase my dps to roughly 75k in xhul, no stats for manny yet. Your advice was very helpful!

Furthermore changing to UF seems to not change my original rotation. I did take the advice to use 1stack of SS n LL and casting all other spells first before expending the 2nd stack.

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