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Need help came back to Wow

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Guys hello once again from the darkness, I had a break after Mop and now I finally got back to wow and wanted to hear suggestion from you on how I should use my level 90 boost... I love playing as tank... Now I have my Blood dk , paladin and warrior both are 90- though I dont know how good they are atm--... So what tank race/ class do you suggest other thank these two...  Drood perhaps... Which are the easiest to play in Drenor announced.... I will play as casual not going to try hard a lot this time obviously so keep that in mind :))

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Well, at the moment, DK is fairly strong both in tanking and DPS. Blood Dk will ease things for healers witht heis self sustain and will provide additional crow control in addition he has fairly good AoE DPS. Frost and unholy specs both are working fine in terms of DPS but Frost is a little ahead.


Paladins: Prot is pretty solid in terms of survivability, but you always need to test some alternative talents for fights where you face multiple targets and there will be some moments where you will rely on healers to protect you mitigate some dammage. Otherwise all your bubbles will help pass some mechanics and make life easier for your casters and healers. 


Retribution requires proper gear, you will be able compeet in terms of DPS but really good you will be when you get your hands on heroic gear from Hellfire Citadel. Rotation is not so hard, but talent choices are important and rotation have variations depentind on those choices, but in general you will be fine.


Warrior: Fury is one of the best melee right now, which have everything you will need to burst down single targets or dealing with multiple adds. Their rotation is fine, but sometimes you will need to mannage proc things to get the best value from them. Talents provide choices dependingwhat is will be single target or aoe fight and their usefulness depends on how much stats you have and with better gear your talent choices will change.


Prot. Warrior comparing to others two is a little behind. the main problem that arises is the rage management, which will cause inability to use shield block when needed and that may hurt your pride in the eyes of your healers. 
Despite that protection kit ca offer some interesting playstyles and at casual normal mone you will be fine both in terms of survivability and dps.


Abour races, well i dont see any specific reasons  to choose specific race, since benefits are soo minor in terms of PvE.

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