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H DSI vs M Piston

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I just recently got a Mythic Iron Reaver Piston (ilvl 730 upgraded). I have been using Heroic DSI (ilvl 715) and Heroic Fragment (ilvl 730). Last couple times that I have checked the sim DPS between the 2 trinkets; it was almost identical with my gear. Granted I'm using wowprogress' simc calculator.


I saw in the BIS list for affliction that the H Piston was 1 spot higher than the H DSI. If this is still accurate, then I would guess that a M Piston would clearly be better than a H DSI.


Also have noticed quite a few posts stating that we should enchant and gem for mastery, and then others stating we should go haste. I'm totally confused at the moment.


So, basically my questions are:

H DSI or M Piston?

Mastery or Haste for gems and enchants?


My armory:


In case the answers are gear dependent. I just got back into raiding with my Warlock, and using what I can get. So the gear is definitely not optimized. I have M WF chest, gloves, and shoulders in my bank. None of which are tier, and dropping both 4pc and 2pc to go up 4 avg ilvl would be a DPS decrease by quite a lot from what I saw on the simc calculator.


Anyway, thanks in advance for any help. I hope this isn't too stupid of a post.

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For trinkets, I'd stick with heroic DSI and Fragment for Affliction. Heroic DSI and mythic Piston for Destruction.

For gems/enchants: Haste if you never play Destruction or Demonology ever or have two sets of gear. Mastery if you have 1 set of gear and plan on switching specs based on the encounter. Mastery is about even with haste for Affliction multi-target, but haste is a bit better for Affliction single-target.

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The BIS list is old and wrong.


Aff for pure single target damage haste is king. If you are using Aff as a pure burn ST spec, then gem and enchant for haste. However, if you are using Aff/Destro or Aff/Demo and switching between the two for fights or if you are using Aff on fights that are not pure ST then you want to gem/enchant Mastery.


Basically, go for mastery.


H DSI Vs. M IRP might be fairly close. I would suspect that DSI on good RNG would give more DPS where as IRP will give more on a more consistent basis. But it would really be mostly up to you and what you want from your DPS. If you want RNG high and low, go DSI. If you want reliability go with IRP.


IMO, for progression use IRP and for farm use DSI.


Please note that this is only because they are M Vs. H. If they were of equal ilvl then DSI would win hands down.

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