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Hi Potential Recruit!

<Consequence> is seeking fresh blood to use as decoys... I mean worthy members to tackle the onslaught of the Fel Horde into Mythic and beyond. Currently 10/13M HFC and aspiring for more. The missing equation....is YOU!

Our Mythic raid times: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9:30 pm - 12:30 am EST

Currently seeking all exceptional raiders for our Mythic especially the below class/specs:


About us:
Consequence is a group of friends who love to have fun in and outside of raiding: Achievements, YAAAAY! NERD POINTS! Quirky yet gets things done in a raiding environment. All around cool, funny, and relaxed like minded individuals seeking to expand its roster. Logs are a must if you are interested in joining the Mythic raid team, so this means no selfies during boss fights!

To get a hold of one of the officers, Battle ID tags are as follows;

Mythic Raid Team:
Luffie#1398 (Luffie/Luffikins, GM)
Pinky#1654 (Kãrmä, Recruiter/Co-GM)
Sabelic#1699 (Sabêlic, Recruiting Officer)
Deathreaper#1400 (Thelaanii, Raid Lead)

Thanks and hope to see you in the roster!

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