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[6.2.3] Discipline Priest - Haste, Crit, Mastery?!

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Hey guys, i start rejoined retail again 2 weeks ago after i stopped playing at the start of cataclysm. Since Wotlk a lot of buffs and mechnics have changed but imo reducing GCD with haste is still an important thing.

I start reading a kit of guides and got frustrated while i cant find any answers to my questions. Hopefully you guys can give me the infos i need:


1. is the hastecap still relevant/is it still in the game, if yes what are the numbers


2. it's worth to get hastecap as disc, if not, why?


3. how much haste i need 2 get this?


thx bois (and grills)

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Hello there,


There is no real haste cap to aim for now. You want to get as much mastery as you can.


The haste debate is all about lowering the GCD as shield spamming is the life of a disc priest so lower GCD means more shields.


IMO Mastery is still the biggest bang for buck.


Happy Killing


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Mastery is what you want coming out of your ears, however haste has its benefits not only in the fact that it allows you to gain faster shield spamming, but increased benefit from the stat due to borrowed time, which gives you 40% increased benefit from the stat. In addition, more haste will give you more mana return from mindbender, as the haste you have will make it attack more frequently,

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