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Questions about Tier.

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I recently got back from a deployment and I'm getting back into the swing of things on my Warlock. I have the T17 4 set, but was wondering at what point do I break it for better gear. Mainly before getting T18 pieces since I don't know when that will be. The 4 set doesn't seem too big of a loss for Afflic as it is for Destro. Right now I have Earthripple Shoulderpads Mythic with gem slot (ilvl 700), Velvet Bloodweaver Gloves Warforged (ilvl 701), and Felflame Spaulders Mythic Warforged (ilvl 700). These are what I currently have in my bags. I also bought the warlords season 2 staff (Wild Gladiator's Energy Staff ilvl 700) since it was better then my Inferno-Flame Staff Heroic (ilvl 685). 




Thank you.



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