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Balance Druid dps problem

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I'm a balance druid as well, ilvl 708. Dps around 45k take it or leave it. But i see the other balance druid: swapz using the ability sunfall?? How do i cast that ability, i dont have it? Maybe you dont have that much crit chance? As balance druid you take euphoria for best DPS. opener: cast starsurge, moonfire, 2x starfire. starsurge now for solar empowerment, cast moonfire, 4x wrath. Repeat.

Everytime you use Incarnation you have to make sure you have atleast 2x starsurge for full use of the CD. Try to refresh starfall on 100% at lunar, cast hurricane if +4 adds and you have 100% solar. NEVER cast starsurge if there are adds ( only cast starsurge if you're capped at 3 charges)


Take another look at your abilities, read your passives and experience with different rotations.wink.png

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First of all, this post is from February, so you're necroing a really old post.   Next, your explination for boomkin is very lack luster and has some wrong points to it.


Here is a link to a post about druid opener a while back, but is still relevant. 


Sunfall is from using the glyph that switches your starfall damage to solar damage.  You shouldn't use it really, though it doesn't really make that much of a difference. You really should be using much more than 2 starsurges during incarnation.  Usually you can get 4 in just half of the buff.




You should be starfalling while you're at the BOTTOM of the lunar eclipse and going UP the lunar eclipse.  This way, your starfall has the most uptime during the higher parts of your eclipse and gets a better damage bonus.  In HFC, you really shouldn't be hitting starfall at all though with the Archi Trinket.


If you have the Archimonde trinket, I would always recommend starsurge over starfall for adds.  Only do it immediately after a failed starsurge.

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