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Hello fellow forum goers. I have recently changed from Elemental to Enhancement in hopes of putting up some better numbers. I've been using the standard Echo UF Liquid Magma build and am currently using glyph of Flame Shock, Lava Spread and Fire Nova. My rotation is something like this.


-4 UF

-3 wolves

-2 fire ele

-1 prepot

at pull spirit walk, flame shock, ascendence

+1 liquid Magma

+2 SS 


My armory link is


I've mained elemental for most of my wow time, but changed to Enh for HFC Normal, now that we are cleared heroic and into Mythic, my numbers need help again. I know that some of my gear needs upgraded yet, and my ring isn't 795 yet, but given my current gear, here is a link of a log comparison for me and the other Enhance in our raid group.


Since this log, he's gotten Soul Cap and that has pushed him way up ahead,cl=b2f52b08-59ca-416b-8a18-05d6e530acb7,cf=31,cp=7,cb=damage-total,cc=use


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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Just some observations:

Ascendance should be popped after 1stack of storm strike as you gain 1 additional stack upon activation.

Prepot should be done together with your -1sec to maximize the pot's efficiency

1stack of lavalash should be consumed as there is a chance of it refreshing due to enhanced flame shock

Redone prepot:

-3 :UF

-2 :feral wolf

-1 :FET + prepot

0 : flame shock + spirit walk

1. : stormstrike

2. : lava lash

3. : ascendance

4. : stormstrike

5. : liquid magma

Further analysis from your logs:

Start spreading flame shocks whenever you see adds spawning. Flame shock targets that are further away (doomfire). This will help you proc lava lash refresh like crazy.

Fire nova should be used on cooldown when adds spawn. Even if it is 2targets it will still increase your overall dps

Just my 5cents on the logs

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