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M Archi Progression

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Hi, guys, will be progressing on Archi this week. I've seen ppl play both afflict and destro on this fight. Can someone explain to me what are the pros and cons and priority targets for both specs on this fight?

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We just got our first kill yesterday, and our warlock was primarily affl for our tries to push 1 doomfire, but he went destro when we had more than enough burst, so he could do more infernal/void dmg in P3. He was affliction for our kill tho, since we had another hunter for infernals in P3.

So to sum up:

Affliction is best if you struggle to push 1 doomfire/have enough infernal dmg in P3

Destro is better if you have no problem pushing 1 doomfire and need more burst on infernals in P3

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