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DPS Help - 730 Fury Warrior

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Hey Guys, i've been progressing a little in mythic HFC now. And i've noticed my DPS is really awful currently. I'm not 100% sure why at all, and I need some help maybe i'm obviously doing something wrong or it's a gear issue maybe? Currently pulling different numbers on each boss. I am underperforming a lot & i'm not 100% sure why. 






Thanks guys. 

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Looking at Feb 24:



You almost never use a second strength potion.

You seem to be using Berserker Rage on cooldown rather than to smooth out unfortunate times of back to back bloodthrist noncrits.



You spend the first 12 seconds of the fight not enraged, meaning you lose a huge amount of ring damage.

You are not once enraged while Bladestorming.  This is a massive damage loss considering how much of our HFA damage comes from Bladestorming.

Enrage uptime in general is low, I know there is lots of downtime in high ilvl HFA fights, but still.

Siegebreaker over AM is questionable - warrior burst aoe is insane with Bladestorm and this lets us get off a large deal more.


Iron Reaver:

First attempt has you dying 33 seconds into the fight.

You die 13 seconds into the fight on the second attempt.



First Bladestorm is great and fully enraged - second one enrage drops off shortly after you begin.

You still have the Raging Wind glyph on which doesn't really serve much purpose here.

Again no pre-pull strength potion.



You are literally living the warrior dream - Fel Rage on you just as Gurtogg hits execute phase for you to cleave.

Again no second strength potion.

You seem be hitting Berserker Rage on cooldown as Arms for no particular reason.

Good usage of Recklessness and Avatar during execute phase on Jubei.



No strength potion used.

Again the Raging Wind rune is not optimal here.

Your parse here isn't awful, Kilrogg is sort of an iffy one because you'll probably never rank well if you aren't getting into a visions group.

You have some strange downtime on enrage - guessing it's from soaking pools or something.



Raging Wind

No strength potion during feast.

Try to make sure you have Avatar up for feast and to stack it with ring - looks like you use it a bit early.



Yay, potion!

I find Ravager to be a stronger pick on this fight due to the importance of nuking down add phases, and you end up holding Bladestorm for it anyway so AM isn't as much of a benefit.

Your first two Bladestorms are done without enrage up - again you seem to be using Berserker Rage on cooldown instead of times like these - consider macroing it into Bladestorm in a fight like this if you're finding it difficult to manage.

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